Hop and Humid in Singapore

Singapore beer – to be honest I didn’t know what to expect. On one hand the food in Singapore has a great reputation. But, on the other hand the only Singapore I knew of before coming to Singapore was Tiger. My opinion is that the beer is pretty good and it’s fantastic to see so many microbreweries but the beer tasted a bit immature.  I’m sure it will get better over time.

So we started out on our first day heading out to Sentosa I was excited to find a little microbrewery on the boardwalk, especially after walking for a few hours in the Singapore heat. 11:30 – beer o’clock right? Not in Singapore. We found this a bit at quite a few venues. Singaporeans are definitely night owls with many places not opening until 5pm and staying open until the wee hours of the morning.

Our next stop was going to be The Pump Room in Clarke Quay, but alas they were also closed. Luckily Red Dot was open to quench my thirst. Red Dot had heaps of beers on offer and much to my happiness had an IPA. So we settled down to a tasting platter and a Singpore Sling (for the missus). Most of their offerings were easy drinking. Crisp and perfect for the Singapore weather. Their specialty – The Monster Green Lager went down very smoothly and I think it was a good thing that it didn’t taste green (a solid lager). The real beer I was interested in was the IPA. It wasn’t super aggressive with the hops but still tasty and fresh. A great all day IPA for a hot day.


Next on the cards was The Tuckshop – a bar within walking distance of our accommodation in Geylang – where they served the local Archipelago beers on tap. This was a cool little place hidden in the suburbs with western food on the menu and a view of the river. I would definitely come back here if we had more time in Singapore on our way back from a Hawker Centre.  I only had one beer here and went straight for the Summer IPA which was a seasonal offering. It was goood. Fresh. Hoppy. Not super in your face. But a solid summer IPA. I would’ve liked to have more but unfortunately the wallet was starting to stretch. Singapore makes up for their cheap food with extremely expensive beer (minimum $10 for a schooner).


The final destination on our Singapore beer tour was back to the Pump Room (this time after 5). They were a must because they have an award winning IPA. On a side note – on the way we saw Brewerkz making this area a prime location for a craft beer crawl if you’re ever in Singapore with 3 craft beer locations within easy walking distance of each other. Once again I went straight for the IPA.

They had a few other beers on tap including a Scottish ale and a seasonal cask aged amber ale. The IPA did prove to be the best of the ones I had in Singapore and better than most of the Australian offerings. Once again fresh and tasty and the hops hit you hard. There wasn’t a specific hop character (pine/citrus) but this was pleasant. Unfortunately, the malt profile set it back a bit and made the beer feel unrefined.


All in all – I had a great time drinking in Singapore. There’s plenty of microbreweries around the city with plenty of interesting beers to be found. The IPAs are more on the American side – which I love – allowing the hops to shine well above the malt. Just beware that open hours are a bit unusual and beers aren’t cheap.

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